Model & Art Direction: November Wong
Photography: Chih Yu Wong

Location: Iceland 

The series "hér" draws its inspiration from the Icelandic word for "here." Through these photographs, the photographer delves into the concept of being fully present, both in mind and body, and engaging with the awe-inspiring and otherworldly landscape of Iceland. The photographs capture the essence of this experience, evoking a sense of timelessness and interconnectedness with the natural world. Through the use of light and shadow, texture and contrast, the photographer creates a series of stunning images that invite the viewer to immerse themselves in the beauty and wonder of this unique environment.

Not the attendance of stones,
nor the applauding wind,
shall let you know
you have arrived,
not the sea that celebrates
only departures,
nor the mountains,
nor the dying cities.
Nothing will tell you
where you are.
Each moment is a place
you’ve never been.

-An excerpt from Black Maps by Mark Strand