Harper’s BAZAAR

A beauty story in collaboration with Justin Q Pham for Harper’s BAZAAR VN. 

Artistic Editing by November Wong
Photo & Text by Justin ︎@ezracafe

The symbolism of water has a universal undertone of purity and fertility. Water is often viewed as the feminine side of the duality.
Interestingly, we are all made of water as we are all birthed by women.

Like water, women can be as gentle as the glass surface of a calming lake or as ravaging as the stormy sea. We are sworn by the ocean’s beauty yet terrified of her rage, and so often seduced by her profound mystery. In the end, water always provide as it is the source of life itself, like the love of a woman. As a man whom was raised by all strong women, I’ve always viewed women as these powerful yet nurturing creatures. Somehow the connection between water and feminine has etched itself deep in my subconscious. And this editorial is the subconscious manifestation of what women means to me.

Women to me, is water. I wanted to show a woman's beauty as she flow as one with water. While donned in beautiful dresses and precious jewelry, a woman's beauty is never compromised by what she's wearing. Her beauty transforms as the editorial unfolds. Like water, a woman's beauty is pure. It is seductive. It is exquisite and it is powerful. And her mind, her mind is like the depth of the ocean in which men will spend a life time discovering.

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