A Site-Specific Dance Performance design & curated by November Wong
Movement Coordination by Justin Conte and Lukas van der Fecht
The Vazquez Building facilitated by No Home Gallery

Location: NYC

The immersive painting performance/ installation "Primavera" introduces dance as a medium to translate a narrative into an improvisational, collective dance, in which the performers express their sensuality and spirituality through their movements and imagination.

The setting is designed to invite the viewers and other collaborative artists to embrace their own vulnerability and creative confidence using their most primitive and child-like instincts. The performance speaks of transcendence and enlightenment through its discourse. 

The narrative starts with three "spirits" entering a lifeless room with sleeping "seeds" waiting to be awakened. The spirits emerge and ignite the souls of the seeds, as the seeds seek each others existence, they blossom together and eventually grow apart. 

The room was wrapped with paper prior to the arrival of the performers in the morning, the story was briefly described to the performers and the rest of the emotions/ movements were performed impromptu and improvised by the performers to construct the world they experience.

Performers (left to right): Sebastian Milla, Ryan Scails, Victoria Manganiello, Nova Zef, Anastasia Voron, Lukas van der Fecht, November Wong, Justin Conte, Lily Manganiello, Daniela Tenhamm-Tejos

Three paintings were created on site after the performance by the artist, using the same tone, to evoke a sense of rhythm and movement. see more about the exhibition here