Photography & Art Direction: November Wong
Model: Ling Li & Elaine Chow

Assistant Photographer : Tom Fichtner

This series focuses on the human body in its purest form, captured with infinite tenderness. The subjects are presented as works of art within a gallery space, placed atop a Qing dynasty pedestal that has retained its original form and now supports the weight of living beings. The juxtaposition of antique and contemporary elements creates a raw and undisguised tension that is central to the work.

The negative space between the bodies is a conduit for their emotional exchange. Here, the subjects rely on one another, leaning in, repelling, gazing, and caressing one another with a palpable tension that reverberates throughout the empty expanse. The air is filled only with their breath and body heat.

Yellow, is the colour that amplifies the warmth. vitality and will.