Objects XS, S, M

Smaller project prior to designing architectural experiences
M.Arch, McGiill

A collections of objects were created for personal reasons and school assignments. The passion of learning from making things by hand has been an important way of understanding how thing works and the beauty of serendipity.

The Drawing Machine

The Urn

Cage of Shadows

Floater Frames

Sculpting Time 

The Drawing Machine

Project for Architecture History class
The drawing machine was created using rhino modeling, laser cutter, screws, luck and patience. The machine was used to produce line drawings which evoke a sense of rhythm and a crafty quality from the imperfection of the mechanism. It is a combination of gear; operates like a pantograph and a spirograph, but with a sense of freedom and unpredictability. Two dimensional images contain a capacity for spatial illusion and this perspective of abstract art is related to architectural design.

Abstraction comes from the world. The interesting aspect of creating an abstract art is that the user controls the image but not the reaction from it. “Composition, harmony, proportion, light, color, line texture, mass, and motion are all part of the vocabulary of sight, we tap this vocabulary, and the pattern that go with it. When we compose or frame images the commonality that allow us to respond to images, even abstract ones, is rooted in our ability to recognize infinite manifestation of the physical world and the mental constructs to which they correspond.”
– Kit White

Red, Grey and Black
Pen on 51cm x 60cm paper
Sandstorm in pieces
Pen on 55.5cm x 76.5cm paper

The Urn

McGill University
Team: Amalie Lambert, Mark Lien, N. Wong

Each team member select an object and gives it life by identify its character which may or may not relate to its physical property and usage. A photo collage is then created to demonstrate the internal conflict or struggle that each character might hold.

After each character is assigned, all three characters will play a role in a metaphorical narrative written by the team. 

After the photo collage and the story were completed, a short film was created to celebrate their death by dismantling the objects, which leads to the creation of an urn for their memory.

The urn was created individually. The steamer was chosen as a symbol of illusion and hope, it's reflective and acoustic quality were taken to generate the next project, the light instrument.

by Amalie Lambert
by Mark Lien
by N. Wong

The Story

We had decided to take the night train. We had been running for days, now, and had become tired and worn. I no longer knew your thoughts (which had come so naturally before), and you seemed thoroughly uninterested in mine.

Thankfully, the rumble of the train proved soothing. Countless warm, odorous bodies pressed against us in a reassuring cadence of breath. We curled, two fragile sides of the same coin. Forgetting our troubles for a moment, we slept.

It was the clinking that woke me.

Across from us sat a woman, voluminous and metallic. Her coat clanked and shimmered over the seat. You shivered, but slept on.

She smiled.

Suddenly, the train screeched to a stop. The scream of the brakes was terrifying, and I grabbed you by the coat, wondering if we were going to go o the rails. Outside, the landscape slowed gradually, looking wild and wholly unfamiliar.

Finally, the noise stopped. I tried to catch my breath. The woman kept her eyes on us, but seemed sublimely unconcerned.
Gradually, the pinpoints of light coming from her dress grew blinding. Everywhere I looked, light ashed. I felt you finally awake, and gasp.

“You have travelled far,” It was barely more than a whisper. Thin, but rich with colour (black/red/yellow/white/green), the voice was mesmerizing. Light danced through the compartment.

“We cannot give you what you want,” Her coat rustled. “But perhaps…”
We watched her uncertainly, and then, an astonishing thing occurred. From the folds of her coat, a small round man was uncurling. He clasped her offered hand and carefully climbed onto the seat.

“Perhaps we can help.”

He reached out for our aching eyes, and closed them. (She steadied his trembling arm) “Do not be afraid. Even apart, you are whole, and two of one.”

When we opened our eyes, we were apart. I could no longer reach for you, but a thin, taught metallic strand bridged the gap.

The Cage of Shadow

The box is designed to contain 8 special pebbles.
The shadow reads as the 8 pebbles are connected and penetrated by the "space divider".

Pieces of cherry wood were drilled with holes that allow suede laces pass from one side to the other. The box is structured with wooden dowels, tighten with the tension of the one long suede lace layering back and forth horizontally and vertically.

Knots were tided on each end as the lace reaches the outer side of the box. On the surface, thin copper sheets were oxidized with nitric acid which turn them into green weathered texture.

The Floater Frame

A personal project on building customized floater frames for art works.

Sculpting Time

An exercise which to exam a particular physical property of a fruit or vegetable. Bell peppers were sliced, illuminated, peeled, dissected, dried and finally cast with plaster. A focus was placed on the inner surface by capturing the negative and positive movement that alternates from the cell structure.

Tote Bags

New York
Oil painted on 18" x 18" canvas bags.