Art for Gucci

Original works for Alessandro Michele’s collections
Design: November Wong

The selected works were inspired by the vision of the creative director of Gucci Alessandro Michele. in 2016, I came across a fashion film by him when he was first appointed for the role at Gucci. I was mesmerized by the ultra-feminine, nostalgic and mysterious aesthetic that he presented to the world. I wanted to work with him so much that I sent a 3 page handwritten letter along with my art portfolio to the headquarter in Italy, and watched numerous interviews. No news was received but that didn’t stop me from creating.

Outside of my full time job at the architecture firm I’d create these digital collages in my free time to post on Instagram. Months after this self-initiate project, I got an email from the brand directly and was commissioned to design a meme for their official instagram account, featuring their watch. The collaboration connected me with other professionals in the industry and a few doors opened to new adventures. A year after the commission I was invited to Gucci’s opening party in Soho, NYC. At the party, I talked with Alessandro, looking into his eyes and hearin his voice made me felt like anything else in life is possible.