La Fête de Boisbuchet

Location: Lessac, France
Fete de Boisbuchet is an independent project resulting from a week long workshop at Domaine de Boisbuchet. The workshop was partially sponsored by the Ministry of Culture of Taiwan as an artist grant.

Participants and staff are from all over the world. Several events were organized through out the week including a costume party, yoga classes and tours. When not working in the studio, participants were free to swim in the lake, play ping pong or simply enjoy the surroundings in the farm.

A presentation was held at the end of the week to share each participant's discovery and final works. Domaine de Boisbuchet provide a lovely working environment in addition to the interesting networking opportunities.

The workshop "Material Behavior" was led by Dutch designer Lex Pott. Participants were encouraged to experiment with different material from the studio and around the farm.
The initial explorations including oxidizing brass and copper; creating patterns on leaves with the process of photosynthesis; mixing different kind of clay and play dough and putting slides of wood into a sand blasting machine

An interest was focus on creating objects that tells the unique experience of living in Domaine de Boisbuchet. Branches of cork were collected on site, then combined with some rods of aluminum, brass sheet and metal wire.

The finished pieces resembles organic forms such as plants, sea anemones and bones & muscles. Everyday each meal was served with warm atmosphere and unexpected deliciously combination.
The idea of displaying the final works in an edible way to remember the wonderful dining experience came to mind.

For the final presentation, a large meeting room was selected for the display of the pieces. Large plates and utensils were borrowed to accompany the seemingly "edible" works. Such arrangement suggest the viewers to perceive those delicate objects as food which was humorous with a hidden metaphor.