From Why to Why Not? 

[ Exploring Between Art and Fashion ]

The story of the exhibition tells how November connect the dots in her recent artistic explorations. Years before November made a shift from her architectural career to fashion related projects, she surveyed more than 60 people in NYC to sketch their dreams and to answer questions regarding their inner fears.  

While November was working full time as an architectural designer, she would work on her own personal projects after work and on weekends. She has self-taught collage, fashion illustration and other fashion related graphic design. November hopes by sharing her personal stories, everyone can be inspired to take a leap of faith when the timing is right, and with good feelings.

Viewers are encouraged to take a postcard and put them in the hanging mesh, with their dreams written on it. Hopefully the participants will start brewing their ideas and take actions. 

[ Workshop I : Fashion Collage Workshop ]

November lead a collage workshop using fashion magazine for participants to create freely. 

[ Workshop II : Sketching Workshop ] 
November posed for the sketching workshop and let the participants to share their works afterwards. 

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