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Master of Architecture, McGill University
B.Sc in Architecture, McGill University

Collaborations, Clients & Sponsors
Gucci, Vogue Italia, Harper's Bazaar, Studio Fuksas, MAD architects, Handel Architects, Asymptote Architecture, MODU Architecture, Champalimaud Design, No Home Gallery, Lomography, Donnerstag.

chihying.wong [at] gmail.com
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Solo Exhibitions
2018    From why to why not?, Fashion Taipei, Taipei
2017    The Poetics of Movement, Generator, Berlin
2016    Eclectic Dreams, Il Giardino Immaginario, NY
2015    Primavera, No Home Gallery, NY
2011    Ripples of the Elapsed Time, Associazione Culturale “Il Laboratorio”, Rome
2011    Yesterday’s Color, Associazione Culturale “Il Laboratorio”, Rome
2019    Unvæl’s first collection feature artist  ︎
2017    Harper’s BAZAAR Korea Interview ︎
2017    Vogue Italia cover vision ︎ 
2017    #TFWGucci commissioned artwork ︎
2016    The Creators Project ︎
2016    Crooks Press ︎

Selected Group Exhibitions
2015    Shangri-la, The Factory, NY
2014    ?Bye Felicia!, BHQFU, NY
2014    Your Techne, McGill University, Montreal
2013    d3 Sketch, Center Gallery at Fordham University, NY
2013    Embodiments, Fridge Door Gallery, Montreal
2012    Invisibili, Galleria Artidec, Rome
2011    Art Shift, Fridge Door Gallery, Montreal
2009    Some of Their Parts, Fridge Door Gallery, Montreal
2008    The Dutch Mixter, former Bank of Montreal, Montreal
2007    Land(e)scape, Fridge Door Gallery, Montreal
Selected Performances
2019    Talk on Interdisciplinary Art and Design Practices, Beitou Times, Taipei
2018    Sences and Pleasure, 205 Hudson Gallery, NY
2016    The Second Last Leap, Essential Departure at Rosekill, NY
2016    de la Mer, Red Hook, NY
2015    Opia, Il Giardino Immaginario, NY
2015    Intimacy Therapy, Il Giardino Immaginario, NY
2015    Spectrum Above, Red Hook, NY
2015    A Midsummer’s Dream, Essential Departure at Rosekill, NY
2015    Primavera, No Home Gallery, NY

2017     A Travelling Grant for the emerging creatives to Domaine de Boisbuchet, awaraded by Taiwan’s Ministry of Culture
2013     Wilfred Onions Memorial Prize, best watercolor painting of the year, part of the permanent collection at City Hall in Bermuda
2013     Canadian Center for Architecture Inter-University Charrette competition. Transmutation: priz du public
2009     Murdoch Laing/ Habitat ‘67 Design Competition Honorable mention

Wong has studied and worked in seven cities across North America, Europe, and Asia since her teens. Wong’s discipline was toned by her strong architectural background and her eccentric art projects inspired by her international life.
The breadth of Wong’s works include architectural design, painting & drawing, installation, performance, digital & hand cut collage, photography and sculpture. The expanding mediums are various yet the topic of body image and how it relates to contemporary society remains constant.
Wong’s works reveal her experience as a dancer, architectural designer and visual artist. Her unapologetic imagination and sensual concepts are infused with her romantic, poetic and kaleidoscopic aesthetic.

On the other side of your fear is your freedom.